Colltrain on-premise

We understand that for large organisations, keeping up with the fast-changing demands of online training may be more than a challenge due to internal protocols.

Why need Colltrain On-Premise?

  • You need to respond to the needs and requirements of the L&D by developing and customising an existing solution instead of looking for new ones in the market every single time.
  • You need to manage the administrative effort more efficiently when it comes to supporting a large number of trainers, facilitators and users
  • You need to support the digitalization of L&D with a solution that is embedded in your IT ecosystem (own servers or cloud instances) to be fully compliant with the security protocols
  • You look into developing custom learning content for remote training delivery with a high level of access control.


What do you get?

Colltrain on-premise creates the perfect set-up for
large organisations to develop their internal standards
for remote training delivery

Full control

You have full access to built-in features; you can further develop and customise them to fit your future needs.

Perpetual License

Colltrain on-premise can serve the digital L&D needs of large organisations with a European/global presence, positively impacting managing CAPEX budgets. You get a perpetual, non-exclusive license along with support and maintenance services.

Long-term partnership

You enjoy the contractual benefits over a minimum of 2-3 years, ensuring the stability you seek.

Extended administration of user management

Hustle-free user management since you have 100% control over the system.

Special support

You get the support you need during all the stages of implementing Colltrain on-premise: initial training, technical preparation, content transformation, and managing the annual license.

IT & security related

Ensure you maintain the highest level of compliance regarding IT security standards, vendor vetting and user access control.

Built with scalability in mind

Colltrain technology stack

Are you ready to go big with remote training delivery within your organisation?

Let’s discuss digitalizing L&D with Colltrain on-premise!

License and implementation
starting from £ 49,000

When does the
on-premise deployment of Colltrain make more sense than the cloud subscription?

Is on-premise deployment a better fit for your company than a cloud subscription? Discover the factors that could influence your decision in this detailed post.