Colltrain Master Activities

From physical interaction to an engaging virtual learning experience

Colltrain helps you transform experiential activities quickly and engagingly
by replicating the objects and dynamics of physical interaction
to support remote training.

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5 Master Activities

A starting point for new activity designs

As an instructional designer, you can imagine new activities that support experiential learning at all levels.

Our challenge was to reproduce the feeling, the content, and the structure of various experiential in-class activities in the online realm. We have succeeded by using five master activities or apps as a starting point for new designs.

Flip chart

A one-of-a-kind recreation of the physical version

Flip charts are commonly used in the classroom for training. They provide a space for participants to take notes and can be easily used to allow for new ideas to be written down.

Flipchart master activity goes beyond recreating a physical flipchart and adds MyBoard as a personal space for every participant, sets of objects to mimic a set of cards or cues cards and facilitating features. The Flipchart features:

  • Multiple pages
  • Recreation of various objects for online learning: Sticky Notes, Magnets, Pictures, Shapes, Cards
  • Drag and drop, copy and paste, set items distribution to participants
  • Facilitating capabilities (Link sharing, Vote, Labels, Content protection, Presentation Mode, forced navigation)
  • MyBoard
  • Format customisation (colours, background, branding, frame, etc.)
Colltrain Master activities flipchart

Flipchart is the most versatile master activity and is constantly refined to offer trainers new opportunities to transform in-class activities into an online format.

Colltrain Ripple

Ask a Question // Start the Ripple

  • Take your audience’s pulse in an instant with a questionnaire
  • Question by question or all at once
  • Capture input from participants (Ideas, Suggestions, Feedback, etc.)
  • Test group knowledge and run friendly recaps to strengthen knowledge retention.
  • Design and run short surveys
  • Measure the quality of the training delivery
Colltrain Master Activity

Magic Letters

Start game-like activities using letters to form words

The letter sets are completely configurable so you can reproduce activities similar to let’s say “Scrabble”.

  • The tiles can connect vertically and horizontally
  • The facilitator can validate the words with an automatic count
  • Configurable number of items for each letter
  • Multiple languages sets are available (English, French, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian)
  • Activity Examples from Colltrain Library: Four Letters, Aeroplane Factory Challenge, Transeo, Recap activities

Alphabet letters can be used for experiential learning in a variety of ways.
For example, the letters can be used to create words and help build a repeatable process.
Additionally, the letters can be used to play games that help reinforce learning concepts like iterative work, process definition, team collaboration, and leadership.

Colltrain Master activities - Playing Cards

Playing CARDS

An excellent template for design activities that use playing cards

What can be customized?

  • The number of playing card decks
  • Colours and custom configuration of sets
  • Cards dealing configuration
  • Missing or additional cards per set

Example: Flip-A-Card for Agile training

Magic Colors

Collaboration or competition?

A master activity that allows the creation of group competition activities inspired by the whack-a-mole game, in which the participants compete by shooting colourful balloons.

Key features:

  • Define multiple stages
  • Speed and complexity of balloons transition
  • Using sounds for special effects and background music
  • Colours, groups and scoring rules
  • Tally board

…and many others.

Loved by the learning professionals

Colltrain brings the room and everything you can feel and touch right to you even though you are alone at your computer.

It provides the additional collaborative contact beyond face-to-face and voice-to-voice that we get from Zoom and Teams

Through CollTrain we can touch, move and manipulate objects in harmony – bringing teams and groups closer together
Richard McPike.

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