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to all Colltrain Professionals

We salute your actions to INSPIRE others to make a difference by asserting your brand choice.

Let’s make it public!

Colltrain provides you with various branding marks and messages to help you outline your remote training professional identity.

You are encouraged to showcase these logos for your training and facilitation services on any relevant printed or web content that highlights your offering.

Feel free to use them in any messages or communications where you consider that the brand association is authentic and relevant.

Downloadable Colltrain branding marks

Remote training powered by Colltrain

We build our training sessions around experiential activities, and we are using the full power of Colltrain to design and run them.

Remote training delivered with Colltrain

We strive to provide you with the best interactive learning experience so you can enjoy team activities.


Since you know that the best way to enjoy training is “learning by doing”, we have “colltrainified” the training experience

I love Colltrain

Nothing to suggest from our side. Use your kind words to show others why you love Colltrain. Use it in your email signature, PowerPoint presentations or any other relevant document.

Appropriate usage

When using Colltrain visual marks, make sure you follow the guidelines below

Colltrain visual marks license terms and conditions

Please make sure that you follow the conditions of this agreement.

If you become aware of any misuse of these branding assets, just let us know.

Note: “Colltrain Certified Designer”, “Colltrain Certified Facilitator”, and “Colltrain Power Affiliate”
are offered only after the specific accreditation process is completed.