Meet the Team

We are a tech-ed start-up dedicated to empower trainers and facilitators to achieve success with virtual training delivery

We work 100% remotely

Marian (Martin)

Founder // Product Manager // CEO

Background in large IT systems development for banking, telco, retail, pharma, and energy.

Senior Trainer covering Project Management, Agile, Sales, Leadership. Passionate about understanding human nature and helping people to grow.

Marian is author of CARTA Method for LIVE training and co-creator and founder of Colltrain.


Instructional Designer // Trainer

Seasoned training professional with deep knowledge of technology, she frequently designs Colltrain activities and helps other trainers transition their existing content from in-class to virtual training delivery.

Senior sales / soft skills trainer with significant experience in telco, insurance, automotive, car retail and distribution.

She holds a degree in Tourism and she is truly passionate about photography.

Adi (Alex)

Founder / / Tech Dev Lead

He is coordinating the development and maintenance of the Colltrain platform. Alexandru holds a Bachelor of Science in electronics and an MBA Diploma from Open University.

Adi has a solid experience in building and developing enterprise solutions for various industries like telecom, transportation and education.

He plays electric guitar like a god and the piano like a saint.