Run games and activities

Get better than in-classroom experience
by leveraging
remote team learning



All goodies in one place

Is it a game or an activity? Well, that’s up to you to decide but with a dedicated launchpad screen you can focus on what’s really important for your gig.

As speed is at the essence, make sure you take advantage of:

  • Filter the activity list
  • Start and flash start
  • Access Details
  • Library and Rooms screens
Run games and activities in Colltrain. Use the launchpad.

Virtual rooms

A room is a virtual workspace in Colltrain where participants can play a collaborative activity in teams.

A team in Colltrain is the equivalent of breakout room in ZOOM or MS Teams.

  • Secure room with PIN
  • Control total duration
  • Start Up to 9 teams in one room
  • Move participants between teams to ensure balance
  • Invite participants to join teams, ignite the competition

After the activity is completed you are still able to access the room for several hours. Closed rooms in your organisation can be resurrected at anytime in the future from “Rooms” screen.

Co-create a great experience

Run games and activities with confidence

Deliver a bespoke and consistent learning flow using powerful features. Upgrade the breakout rooms experience in Zoom or MS teams.

Facilitate in style

  • Dual page view
  • Presenter mode
  • Element Inspector
  • Labels
  • Voting
  • MyBoard

Control the game play

  • Pause
  • Complete
  • Restart
  • Reinitialize
  • Assign team roles
  • Use a smart timer

Delegate key controls to participants so you can cover a broader range of interaction styles.

You are in good company!

“My team was so enthusiastic and that made the whole activity to be super enjoyable! We had a great time and it was a perfect way to get together and have some virtual fun. Thanks again for everything!”
Rose Powell
Participant in team management training

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