Benefit of a wonderful learning experience

Co-created by trainers with LOVE for …



  • Deliver online remote synchronous sessions using a growing, prebuilt library of training activities
  • Surprise participants with the magic of collaborative activities with a similar or superior experience to in-class training
  • Continue doing business in time of social distancing and restrictions
  • Expand your market to a global audience
  • Eliminate the cost of printed materials


PARTICIPANTS in remote training sessions

  • Have fun with a live collaborative game play on PC or Mac
  • Play in teams with your colleagues to achieve common goals
  • Express your perceptions with your own avatar
  • Experiment a new kind of productive interaction for a memorable experience
  • Go beyond traditional, in-class approach and continue your personal and professional growth


Instructional DESIGNERS

  • Deliver online remote synchronous sessions using a growing, prebuilt Design and build with ease your own new team activities, energizers, ice breakers and games
  • Help others to achieve more by sharing your own activity designs
  • Unleash creativity with boards, notes, object sets, widgets, shapes magnets, story-board cards
  • Create multi language activities so you can serve a global audience
  • Experiment with a revolutionary approach to remote training
  • Protect your Intellectual Property