Colltrain designer certification

Design and create collaborative learning activities for remote training

Colltrain designer certification training

Challenge: How to transform new and existing training activities into the online format?

Remote delivery brings new opportunities for trainers, clients, and trainees in terms of accessibility and flexibility. It also reduces learning and development expenditure by eliminating the administrative costs of travel and accommodation. Also reduces time lost away from the day-to-day work.

With the help of Colltrain, you can reshape the experiential team activities, so that during the online session the participants can interact more productively, learn more easily, and enjoy a valuable learning experience.

It would be excellent if you could join this course and to discover and practice the new design methods. In turn, you will master the tools and techniques necessary for the success of LIVE training sessions.

Training Summary

This is a hands-on workshop to develop and consolidate the skills of design to implement experiential activities in Colltrain.


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Joining details

Date: April 13-14 2022 | Duration: 2 sessions @ 4 hours/session | Schedule: 9:00-13:00 | Free of charge | Language: English | Format: online, LIVE virtual classroom, using Zoom


To provide the necessary knowledge and practice opportunities for those who want to design and build learning activities for remote training. Together with ample practice opportunities to do this using Colltrain.


This event is dedicated to the following categories of participants:

  • trainers
  • facilitators
  • instructional designers

Note: If you don’t have a Colltrain account, you will receive access to the full version, for a period of 45 days starting from the course date.


  • CARTA Principles
  • Remote training based on delivery loops
  • Content connection activities (contrast)
  • Activities for memorization and understanding the value
  • Creating games using magic letters, cards, and magic colors
  • Flipchart design:
  • multipage, notes, images, and icons
  • working with sets and containers
  • working with tables
  • using my board for silent brainstorming activities
  • working with selections
  • facilitating features: stopwatch, cursor visibility, dual page mode, tags, and voting
  • modifying properties with object browser (selection inspector, element inspector)
  • navigating between protected pages
  • using widgets: stopwatch, dice, double dice, cipher, counter
  • Creating picture talk activities
  • Creating “discover by category” activities
  • Creating mix and match activities
  • Creating jigsaw activities

Your Guides

Marian - Colltrain Founder
Marian Stirbescu
Senior Trainer, Facilitator

Certified senior trainer, author of the learning experiences, promoter of innovative training methods.

Marian is the author of the CARTA method and product manager for the Colltrain platform.

Nicole Raduta
Senior Trainer, Facilitator

Senior soft skills and sales trainer, creator of evaluation and certification programs, instructional designer for the Colltrain platform.

Nicoleta creates unique learning experiences using techniques aimed at active involvement and development of participants.

Colltrain designer certification training
How to prepare?

For a memorable experience, we recommend you allocate time and use a space suitable for learning.

To participate in the training sessions, the following equipment is required:

  • Laptop with a Windows or Mac OS X operating system, equipped with a camera
  • Headphones with a microphone
  • ZOOM application (available for free on the provider’s website)
  • Workspace suitable for leaning (a quiet place)
  • High-speed internet connection

Your benefits


You will gain precision and speed when developing Colltrain activities


You will discover new types of experiential approaches and activities for remote delivery


You will level up your recognition as a professional in an avant-garde domain


You will have an opportunity to share your remote training delivery knowledge with other trainers interested in the same field


The pilot sessions benefit from 100% sponsorship, so you can participate for FREE.

Additional Benefits

  • If you do not have a Colltrain account, you will receive access to the full version for a period of 45 days from the course date.
  • A 2-hour coaching package to support your content conversion to online.


Please sent us a mail to client_support@coll-admin

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