Colltrain 3.2

Colltrain Features

Must have collaborative tools for the NEW age of remote training delivery

Colltrain brings you key features to support your transition to remote training. Sign up for a free trial to get access to a complete set of features, including running games, activity design and access to a standard library to get you started.

Run games and activities

Start virtual rooms

Launch group activities, invite participants to join teams, control the duration and team assignment.


Enable dual page and control page changes, activate pointers and enable user boards and sharing. Use the smart timer and start over if needed.

Applied Games

Engage participants in gamified training activities for more impact while supporting experiential learning.

Smart Flipchart

Go beyond sticky notes activities with sets, groups and configurable object behavior. Deliver a bespoke and consistent learning flow.

Colltrain Features - Run games and activities

Design a new activity starting from master activity in Colltrain

Design new learning experiences

  • Start from 5 master activities: Flipchart, Colltrain Ripple, Magic Letters, Playing Cards, and Magic Colors.
  • Create your own customized activities using an unmatched set of features
  • Use your own branding, modify background picture and colors, design sets and interaction flows with precision
  • Add pictures, shapes and notes with ease 
  • No coding required!

Reusable training library

100+ Activities

Draw inspiration from an ever growing library that covers various categories of training including: Soft Skills, Agile, Project Management, Leadership, Sales etc.


Control every detail of an activity template. Duplicate and translate activities into any language, including content, user and facilitator instruction

12+ activity types

Mix and Match, Puzzle, Walk the board, Picture talk, Jigsaw, Crosswords, Brainstorming, Value realisation, Amalgamia, Words, Cards, Popping, and Contrasting topics

Engagement Guaranteed

The key to remote training delivery success is team learning. Start with proven templates and clean instructions, get the best results anytime.

Colltrain Activity Library

Team up from anywhere

“Working in teams opened up a lot of opportunities for collaboration between us, the participants. The level of engagement just went through the roof!”
Patty A.
Participant in
team management training

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Colltrain features for remote training delivery – FAQ

A: Anyone using a browser on a PC or a MAC can use Colltrain. We have tested the software on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge based on Chromium (starting with version 79)  and Safari. Please note that we don’t support Internet Explorer as Microsoft terminated support for IE

A: We take security seriously. That’s why we use SSL to encrypt the communication, you login into the application with a username and password, you can access private rooms, where participants may join by using a pin you provide on a different channel.

A: please choose one of the following plans available here: Plans and pricing

We offer a  14 days trial of the Facilitator + (Designer) plan with no limitations. After you complete the trial and decide not to continue, you can still access Colltrain with a limited plan. Please visit this page to start your free trial

No, there is no such restriction. We play well with all kinds of video conferencing software. You only need a PC (Windows or Linux) or a Mac with a modern browser. When you start a Colltrain activity you can share the activity link with the participants using the chat feature available with all the software mentioned above.

A: We follow the CARTA method (collaborative, adaptive, remote training activity) available for free here.

A: This is a set of the high level features. For the detailed set of features please follow the “Discover” link related to any of the big features.