Personal Boards – MyBoard?

We have developed user dedicated boards to complement flipchart usage scenarios and enrich interaction between participants. While flipchart canvas activity is always visible, MyBoard serves a precise purpose to provide a private space for any of the participants.

Enrich your game play

Give more, differentiate yourself
There are situations when players are asked to develop their own ideas without revealing to others their partial or unfinished work, like in silent brainstorming.

There are other situations when you need to split the available information between team members, like in mystery solving activities, and you want to control how much they are able to share at any given step.

In all the scenarios you are able to offer participants that dedicated board they really need to fulfil their individual tasks.

Hands-on control for facilitators

Simple yet powerful
While MyBoard is a virtual private space for participants, you are still in control of the activity’s flow with several key features:

  • Activate or deactivate user boards
  • Distribute objects to user boards, remove them when needed
  • Define how many items can be moved between MyBoard and the flipchart or vice versa
  • Start an activity with a specific list of items for any user board
  • Access and interact with any user’s board, share with others when needed

Power to you, the participant

A space to think and create individually
As a participant you are able to place on your board any flipchart objects, to move objects from your board on flipchart and back.

You are also able to enjoy a separated spot, your kind of “hand of cards” if you wish, so you can create, imagine exchange and follow any activity scenario defined by the creator of the activity.

You are in good company!

“After I started using MyBoard, I have doubled the number of creative activities that I can run. Additionally, the variety of interaction ignites that openness we are all looking for among the participants.”

Mike Constant – Colltrain Evangelist