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Find out the participants’ preferences regarding sports… or any other topic. Create a comprehensive collection of perspectives in no time.

This Demo activity is based on the Colltrain Ripple Preference Order format

Top Sports Rank - Colltrain Ripple
Training category

Icebreakers, Connection, Survey

Number of respondents

Individual activity with countless participants


Working – 1-2 min
Presenting – 3 min
Debriefing – 5 min


English; Customizable to any other


It helps trainers, facilitators and managers foster openness, sharing and input collection of various topics – in this particular case, sports. This is what makes this activity suitable at different moments of meetings or sessions, in both soft and hard skills training sessions. Everyone has a say in it since it’s such a common topic and because it’s always easier to rank options instead of mentioning the most/best option ever.

You may use it to break the ice and get to know the group a bit better or to introduce your topic in a non-conventional way.



  • Introduce the activity to the participants and provide them with the access link or the QR code.


  • Each participant works on their own, by rearranging the options to show their preference order. They do this by dragging the options up and down the rank from the dotted button on the left of the option. They submit their answer.

Debrief (suggested)

  • The facilitator has the option to display the answers compiled in a centralized chart of their choice – pie, bar, column, doughnut. They can also display individual answers, one by one, by clicking on the participant’s name on the right.
  • The facilitator may ask the following questions:
    • Is there anything you would like to share related to these sports?
    • Do these results surprise you in any way? How come?
    • How similar is the group’s view to your own? What does this mean to you?



Additional info

This activity is part of the survey series using Colltrain Ripple.

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