Stakeholder engagement

As Project Manager, determine the stakeholder engagement level to become aware of those you can count on


As Project Managers, participants work with different types of stakeholders. This activity helps them become more aware of their engagement level. This is the first step in knowing who to count on, then start defining ways to move them from one category to another. This way they can build a critical mass of supporters that ensures a smooth roll-out of the project.



  • Introduce the Stakeholder Engagement activity to the participants and split them into teams.
  • Each team will name a team coordinator to facilitate the discussion in the breakout room. In the end, they will present the outcome to the other teams. The team coordinators can rely on the ideas written within the predefined template.
  • Provide the activity link to each team.


  • Participants brainstorm and list the stakeholders involved in a certain project. They write down the names of the stakeholders on the sticky notes posted on the brainstorming wall.
  • For the second part of the activity, participants agree upon the appropriate column in which they should put each stakeholder’s name. They consider 5 levels of engagement: unaware, resistant, neutral, supportive, and leading. As a suggestion, participants can also display the names within a column as a rank.

Debrief (suggested)

  • The team coordinator from each team will present the outcome to the other teams.
  • The facilitator may ask the following questions:
    • What did you discover during this activity?
    • What challenges did you face during this activity? How did you overcome them?
    • How did you reach consensus within the team regarding the level of engagement of each stakeholder?
    • How useful do you think this tool is in your daily professional activity?



Additional info

This activity follows activity type guide from CARTA

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