Sprint Calendar

Define your own sprint calendar like a pro


Participants are provided with the knowledge and proper tools to define a sprint calendar by the book. This activity allows them to practice, share ideas and get feedback on this approach, in order for them to develop those specific abilities they will need in their daily activity governed by the agile principles and framework.



  • Introduce the activity to the participants and split into teams.
  • Join each team and provide the activity link.


  • Participants discuss and write down on sticky notes their ideas (tasks). They place them on the calendar and can later on easily and quickly rearrange them, if case.

Debrief (suggested)

  • The facilitator may ask the following questions:
    • What challenges did arise during the activity? How did you overcome them?
    • What resources do you need to implement this in your team/organization?



Additional info

This activity follows activity type guide from CARTA

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