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Find out what employees think about recognition in the workplace.

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This Demo activity is based on the Colltrain Ripple
Likert Scale format

Motivational survey - Colltrain Ripple
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Number of respondents

Individual activity with countless participants


Working – 1-2 min
Presenting – 1-3 min
Debriefing – 5 min


English; Customizable to any other


This activity brings to light valuable insights regarding recognition in the workplace, as participants share how motivated they are by each of the 7 sources of motivation mentioned in the survey.



  • Introduce the activity to the participants and provide them with the access link or the QR code.


  • Each participant works on their own. They state their opinion by using the Likert scale showing the level of agreement with the different motivating factors.

The facilitator has the option to display the answers compiled in a centralized chart of their choice – bar, line, column, pie, doughnut. In this case, we find it useful to display the Summary/Score Panel* to easily draw some conclusions based on the frequency of answers, number of answers, etc. 

*The Summary panel displays the response rate for each option, in percentages.

*The Score panel displays information like the number of answers/questions, average score, and minimum and maximum score.

This level of detail puts things into perspective, helping participants analyze the data based on facts instead of assumptions.



Additional info

This activity is part of the survey series using Colltrain Ripple.

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