Christmas Destinations

Icebreaker to foster connection among participants and bring some cheer to the room

This Demo activity is based on the Colltrain Ripple
Multiple-Choice questions

Christmas Destinations - Colltrain Ripple
Training category

Icebreaker; Connection

Number of respondents

Individual activity with countless participants


Working – 30 sec
Presenting – 1-3 min


English; Customizable to any other


You can run this activity as an icebreaker that helps participants get to know each other a bit better. It could also be a mood changer, since it’s about Christmas, one of the most beloved holidays. You can run it as is, with multiple answers required, or change it to collect the unique preferences of each participant.



  • Introduce the activity to the participants and provide them with the access link or the QR code.


  • Each participant works on their own. They mark their favourite destinations, then hit the submit button and wait for the facilitator to display the results on the screen.

The facilitator can display the answers compiled in a centralized chart of their choice – bar, column, pie, doughnut. In second to none, participants find out the most popular destinations and…who will might find there!



Additional info

This activity is part of the survey series using Colltrain Ripple.

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