Cambridge 2.2 – New Colltrain Release

London – September 11, 2021

This update is adding a few features to support the trainers that are looking to design and facilitate remote team building activities. To keep up with the news please check our YouTube channel here.

The changes fall into three main categories: Lock/Unlock option for pages, Large set of Icons, Timer.

Changes to the basic plan will be announced in less than a week, as now we are able to offer the design feature to the basic facilitator plan for a limited number of activities (five).

Lock/Unlock option for pages (Colltrain Cambridge 2-2)

This adds up to the new page management released with 2.1 and basically offers the designers the possibility to add three lock options to a hidden page.

Page unlock options are available from the (…) button.

Colltrain Cambridge 2-2: colltrain_page_unlock

For example, you may require the participants to solve a quiz and you ask them to enter a password, pin or a pass phrase in order to access the content of that specific page (think escape room).

Once participants are trying to access that page they are invited to enter the unlock information, a password in this case.


If they enter the wrong information a delay counter is activated according to the settings dialed at design time.


Of course if the information is valid they will be able to access the content of that specific page.

Larger set of icons (2000+)

In addition to the existing 51 icons, an extended collection of more that 2000 icons has been added.


You can access the collection by pressing the “search Icons” button and then you can narrow the selection by using your search term. 


There are four styles available: solid, regular, light and duo-tone.

Timer changes

Based on the feedback from different facilitators now: the default mode is countdown, the action on complete is “Pause page” and we added the possibility to reinitialize the activity when you start the timer. This can be very useful with time-boxed activities where teams are competing against the clock. (think Magic Letters)



As always, this version is dedicated to the trainers and facilitators of the world!

With love,

from Colltrain Creators

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