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About Trust

About Trust Trust is vital to any relationship, especially when facing clients or working in a team. Find out more about creating/destroying/rebuilding it Description Participants…
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Accountability A quick and simple contrast activity on accountability. Run it to both develop a common understanding among participants and widen the perspective on the…
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Better Agile

Better Agile… Work on 3 vital areas to become a better agile team member Description This brainstorming activity helps participants refine their approach to become…
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Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone Diagram Experiment with root cause analysis as part of problem-solving sessions Description Participants brainstorm about the possible causes of a symptomatic problem. They consider…
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Flip-a-card Flip-a-card to experiment how different batch sizes influence the efficiency of a team Description Participants practice flipping and moving cards by using different batch…
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Global Trivia

Global Trivia – Icebreaker An activity that could give icebreakers a new meaning. Let there be fun and engagement! This Demo activity is based on…
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Hot News

Hot News Put the training topic into a particular yet familiar context. What’s challenging about it will become the subject of the Hot News activity…
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Keep, add, change

Keep-add-change The keep-add-change activity entails brainstorming and decision-making. An excellent way to create an inventory of approaches on how to make the way of working…
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Magic Colors

Magic Colors Fun and childhoodlike. The Magic Colors activity boosts the level of energy of participants in just 60 seconds Description The Magic Colors activity…
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Magic Letters

Magic Letters Use this alphabet-based game to experiment with communication, team collaboration, leadership and agile work in a fun way Description This experiential activity is…
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My Role

My Role Discover and clarify your role, from three perspectives: client, management, and team members Description Understanding your role is a stepping stone in finding…
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MyHero Help participants connect on a deeper level. Get them to share about their favorite hero Description of MyHero activity This self-introduction activity invites participants…
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Colltrain project management interview activity

PM Interview

PM interview Team up for a pair introduction based on the interview technique. Aim for a high level of engagement and zero stage fright! Description…
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Project brief

Project brief Practice summarizing the key aspects of a new project in a clear, crisp way, using this project brief form Description Participants work in…
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SCRUM Roles A mix and match activity on the SCRUM roles to develop the understanding of this topic Description Participants match specific responsibilities written on…
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SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis An analysis activity to develop a shared understanding over 4 perspectives. Talking about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Description Participants perform a thorough…
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The change

The Change Collecting ideas to discover what lies behind one’s behaviour in face of change Description Participants discover the factors that influence them to behave…
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Top sports Rank

Top sports Rank Find out the participants’ preferences regarding sports… or any other topic. Create a comprehensive collection of perspectives in no time. This Demo…
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WBS practice

WBS Practice Experiment decomposition with a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) activity Description Participants practice using the work breakdown structure WBS project management tool. They break…
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What’s Value?

What’s Value? Brainstorm to establish your own definition of value, considering three main perspectives Description “Value” is more of an abstract and personal concept. We…
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Word Search

Word Search – Lean vocabulary The search for the hidden key words brings a little bit of fun to the recap activity Description This activity…
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These activities are aligned with CARTA activity categories.
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What is the Colltrain activity library?

Colltrain is a powerful library of experiential learning activities that can help transform your training practice.
With Colltrain, you can easily find and use engaging activities that will support your participants’ learning.

Draw inspiration from an ever-growing library that covers various categories of training, including Soft Skills, Agile, Project Management, Leadership, Sales etc.

Boost your training with at least one of the 12 types of activities: Mix and Match, Puzzle, Walk the board, Picture talk, Jigsaw, Crosswords, Brainstorming, Value realisation, Amalgamia, Words, Cards, Popping, and Contrasting topics.

Please note that by using the Facilitator Plus plan, you can customize activities to fit your clients’ needs and interests.

What is experiential learning?

Experiential learning is a process through which people develop their skills and knowledge by actively engaging in real-world experiences. When facilitated correctly, experiential learning can be an incredibly successful way for people to learn.

Is the Colltrain activity library free to use?

The Hobby plan enables you to run activities with up to 6 participants for free, both for personal use and for business. In order to access the library, you need a Colltrain subscription. The Hobby plan enables you to run activities with up to 6 participants for free, both for personal use and for business.

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