Colltrain 3.0 is here

Welcome to Colltrain 3.0

What’s new?

Version 3.0 includes more than 57 enhancements and three bug fixes. This page highlights the latest features available from April 29th 2023. There’s a lot to explore and to enjoy.

1. New Visuals

Colour customization

The new version gives you more possibilities for visual expression in your training activities.

From now on, you can use any colour in Flipchart activities.
This way, you can increase engagement and convey the look of your brand.

Colltrain 3 - Choose any colour
Colltrain 3 - New Avatar

A new Avatar

The avatar benefits from a new implementation.
Participants can freely change the icon and avatar colour.
Also, the reactions have been changed and resized to be better visible to participants.

Refreshed objects

Flipchart and MyBoard objects have been redesigned for more refined operation and expanded options.

Colltrain 3 refreshed flipchart objects

2. Activity Design and
Delivery Engine

Upgraded Colltrain Engine (ADDE)

The Colltrain Engine has been upgraded to version 2.0 to support an increased number of users and to provide a structured and unified approach to Colltrain application types.

Colltrain ADDE Engine
Colltrain 3 extended object inspector

Extended Object Inspector

The new version provides an improved overview of properties and behaviours when designing activities.

Sets and Widgets

The sets have been given extended capabilities, and the widgets are now available directly from the Flipchart toolbar for easier access.

Colltrain 3 Widgets and Sets with new capabilities
Colltrain 3 - Start-Up parameters

Start-up Parameters

Start-up Parameters are now available directly for the design menu.

Activity Files

Starting with version 3.0, you can upload audio (i.e. .mp3) as well as video files (i.e. .mp4) to Activity Files, and these can serve as audio tracks for activities or as sounds associated with
You can upload your own Lottie Files and use them inside the activity to build catchy

Colltrain - New file Types in Activity
Colltrain 3 - Ukrainean character set for Magic Letters

New language pack for Magic Letters

With version 3.0, you can build “Magic Letter” activities using Ukrainian characters.

3. Colltrain On-premise

Manage your self-hosted instance of Colltrain

Starting on May 1st, 2023, Colltrain will be available as a self-hosted installation.

If you are interested in this option, please get in touch with the sales team.

See the offering here.

Colltrain self-hosted model is available now