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Word Search

Word Search – Lean vocabulary The search for the hidden key words related to the training’s topic brings a little bit of fun to the recap …
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My Role

My Role Discover and clarify your role, from three perspectives: client, management, and team members Training categoryLeadership; Management; Agile; Project Management; Business Process Management Group size1-5 teams of …
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The change

The Change Collecting ideas on why we should favor a fast change and why we may tend to postpone or avoid implementing changes Training categoryChange management; …
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The current way of working

The current way of working Discover both positive and negative perceptions about the current way of working Training categoryAgile Group size1-5 teams of up to 4-7 …
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What’s Value?

What’s Value? Brainstorm to establish your own definition of value as it can be described from three main perspectives Training categoryLeanSCRUM Group size1-5 teams of up to 3-4 …
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Human Multitasking

Human Multitasking Experiment the impact of multitasking over individual productivity Training categoryTime management; Agile; Soft Skills Group size2 -15+ participants DurationWorking – 2-3 minDebriefing – 10-12 min LanguageEnglish; Romanian; Customizable …
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