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Negotiations – Success or Failure?

Negotiations – Success or Failure? A brainstorming activity based on contrast, aimed at identifying what makes a negotiation successful and what makes it a failure Training categorySalesNegotiations Group …
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Empathy map – Agile Product Owner training

Empathy mapAgile Product Owner Draw an empathy map and reach new levels of understanding customers comprehensively Training categoryAgileProduct Management Group size1-5 teams of up to 4-7 participants/team DurationIdeation – …
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Daily Stand-up Meeting Agile SCRUM

Daily Stand-up Meeting A great way to practice daily SCRUM/Stand-up meeting and to get alignment inside the agile team Training categoryAgileSCRUM Group size1-5 teams of up to 4-7 …
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Control, Influence, No Control

Control, Influence, No Control Over which challenges in your role do you consider you have control, influence, no control at all? Brainstorm to develop a common …
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Continents and Cities x3

Continents and Cities x3 Matching continents and cities can be fun if there is a little competition, and also energizing, especially after the break Training categoryEnergizers; Mix …
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