Our perspective on Live, Remote training

Online, remote, virtual training, led by trainers will continue to grow in popularity driven by customer’s need for flexibility, easy access and efficiency

While in-class, in person training was the go-to approach for a long time, a significant part of in class training activities will gradually move online as the cloud infrastructure and applications will allow it

“Publishers of training activities and games used in experiential learning need a much easier way to make their products available online”

The current context of Remote, LIVE training

A good start, but…

Now days video-conferencing is well covered by the global players with Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet.

A part of the collaborative activities can be modeled in Google Docs or Microsoft 365, but for some many the complexity of work is overwhelming

Challenges for remote trainers

The feedback from virtual class-rooms shows that team activities that require interaction between participants are not well served by “office like” services

The existing whiteboard virtual services are not developed for training but toward other categories of users and services (for example Agile teams, product developers, meetings etc.)

The need for a new solution

“It looks that there is no other cloud service available to provide an experience that matches the traditional way of training delivering”
A real message from a happy trainer, Colltrain user since june 2020

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